This is the  1st 18ton wheel loader with a hydrostatic drive made in China, a new generation with brilliant design,  a very smart wheel loader,  is now available, no loader can be better than it in its smooth driving, fuel saving.

It is the future of wheel loaders, it is a loader you can not miss it.

Key feature:
– 18ton, Cummins 205 HP, 2 year warranty covered by Australia Cummins
– Hydro static drive, no gear box, no gear change, very easy operate.
– Working speed controller, set up desired maximum speed, everything under control !!
– Fuel saving; its save 30% fuel than normal wheel loader, save 15% than auto trans wheel loader.
– 4M3 GP Bucket with bolted on cutting edge.
– Heavy duty pallet fork, 1820mm working length
– Hydraulic quick coupling
– 3rd function hydraulic supply. (supply more than 200L per minutes)
– Bucket auto ground levelling
– Bucket Floating
– Boom lift limit
– Air conditioning, ice cold
– ROPS/FOPS Cabin, international ISO certificated. Large space in cabin.
– Reverse Camera
– Air bag suspension seat
– large opening on both side of bonnet, easy service.
– Openable rear grill, easy flushing cooling system
– Large volume cooling system, never hot in Summer.
– Sunscreen, cup seat, seat belt,
– Parking brake,
Flash light,  emergency stop, Mine specs

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